Album of the Week: Sons of Zion – Vantage Point

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New Zealand Music Month continues with another great new release from Sons of Zion. These guys released their first album in 2009 and have really gone from strength to strength. They have stepped beyond their reggae origins to more of a pop sound, although the reggae vibes are still there. This is an album that brings a taste of summer with its cool vibes – we look forward to checking it out this week.


1. Vantage Point

2. In The Sky

3. Early In The Morning (feat. Fiji)

4. Mash It Up (feat. Israel Starr)

5. So Bright

6. Same Old Me

7. Is That Enough (feat. Aaradhna)

8. Drift Away

9. Lessons

10. Black Hole

11. Leave With Me

12. Drift Away (remix)

13. Fill Me Up

14. I’m Ready

15. Now (feat. Slip-On Stereo)

15. Fill

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