Album of the Week: 30 Seconds To Mars – America

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Jared Leto started out as lead in My So Called Life (a forgettable 90s teen comedy) and founded 30 Seconds To Mars in 2002 to some fanfare. The band wasn’t a flash in the pan, and although his acting career has continued “Thirty Seconds” (the number turned to a word along the way) have now released six albums with this new effort. The album deals with US politics today without much subtlety. The reviews have been fairly cool – one compares this to the “tasteless gruel” of Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots. Fortunately we (along with the people who have kept songs from Evolve in pretty much every top 20 since it was released, and those who saw this album selling more units than Cardi B’s unavoidable debut album) actually quite like this contemporary rock sound. Let’s work through the tracks this week. We’ll kick off with an instrumental called Monolith after 9 on Monday.

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