Album of the Week: Conan Gray – Found Heaven

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Conan Gray is a true ‘Information Age’ pop star – his career began as a You Tuber, with music part of his influencer persona. He put out an EP in 2018 and managed to get a record company excited enough to put out an excellent album in 2020 (Kid Krow, singles “Heather” and “Maniac” received over 2 billion Spotify streams between them) with a followup in 2022 Superache. This album really continues the story, adding to his arsenal of 70s/80s glam and tight synths over a plaintiff voice. The lyrics are decent, the tunes are excellent. Early singles “Killing Me” and “Lonely Dancers” had a very ’70s glam feel to us. Not a filler track on it, this is a demonstration that good solid melodic pop is still being produced! It truely is “a big, euphoric pop swing” (AllMusic).

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