Album of the Week: Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

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We enjoyed High Horses on New Music Friday, now let’s meander through the whole album.

Macy’s career spans over a decade, with her first major label studio album being released in 2013 (Same Trailer Different Park) and she has been nominated and won plenty of awards including a Grammy nomination and has won the Academy of Country Music best album award for Same Trailer.

This new album clearly belongs in the Country genre but makes a clear effort to break through to pop as well, especially in the Bee Gees inspired High Horses. The lyrics are pretty cool too. Some of the material is a bit of a celebration of getting stoned which is a shame but aside from that is a great selection of songs. We’re going to enjoy poring through them this week.

The Tracklist

  1. Slow Burn
  2. Lonely Weekend
  3. Butterflies
  4. Oh, What A World
  5. Mother
  6. Love Is A Wild Thing
  7. Space Cowboy
  8. Happy & Sad
  9. Velvet Elvis
  10. Wonder Woman
  11. High Horse
  12. Golden Hour
  13. Rainbow


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