Just Added: Hall & Oates – Philly Forget Me Not (with Train)

If you’d asked me last week whether I’d be adding a brand new Hall & Oates number to our playlist I’d have said – ah, yes please but REALLY? Yes its happened, the first new song from Daryl Hall & John Oates (@halloates) in 14 years, released in time for a major 40 date North American tour with Train. This is actually a pretty neat number, a tribute to hometown Philadelphia, and even features a little tribute to one of their classic numbers. Listen in tomorrow morning after 7 for our first spin of this number.

Album of the Week: Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour

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We enjoyed High Horses on New Music Friday, now let’s meander through the whole album.

Macy’s career spans over a decade, with her first major label studio album being released in 2013 (Same Trailer Different Park) and she has been nominated and won plenty of awards including a Grammy nomination and has won the Academy of Country Music best album award for Same Trailer.

This new album clearly belongs in the Country genre but makes a clear effort to break through to pop as well, especially in the Bee Gees inspired High Horses. The lyrics are pretty cool too. Some of the material is a bit of a celebration of getting stoned which is a shame but aside from that is a great selection of songs. We’re going to enjoy poring through them this week.

The Tracklist

  1. Slow Burn
  2. Lonely Weekend
  3. Butterflies
  4. Oh, What A World
  5. Mother
  6. Love Is A Wild Thing
  7. Space Cowboy
  8. Happy & Sad
  9. Velvet Elvis
  10. Wonder Woman
  11. High Horse
  12. Golden Hour
  13. Rainbow


New Music Easter Friday – March 30th 2018

Its Friday so its time for five brand new tracks to get their first spin on the hour every hour from 9am. We’ll keep playing these tracks on New Zealand Net Radio, home of streaming radio ad free 24/7 throughout New Zealand.

Kasey Musgraves – High Horse

Great country pop crossover, this promises to be a huge song.


Awesome to see a Kiwi artist on New Music Friday once again, this is a great piece of pop.

Dizzy – Pretty Things

Canadian rockers Dizzy have released some great tracks recently. We like this one!

Stan Walker – Thank You

And our second Kiwi artist, Stan Walker returns with another album of great songs.

Kodaline – Follow Your Fire

Another great track from the Dublin rockers.

Album of the Week: George Ezra – Staying At Tamara’s

New Zealand Net Radio features our Album of the Week from 9am to 12pm on weekdays. Each hour we play a track from a ‘worthy’ new album. Listen Now

You’ve spent a year or so touring and promoting a massive album (number 3 in sales in the UK for 2014). If you’re George Ezra (@george_ezra)you understandably take some time out. Last year he headed to Barcelona to an Airbnb owned by the Tamara of this album’s title and spent a month working on these songs. Some critics have described them as “unflinchingly polite” and that this album will “doubtless be huge” whilst venomously making what sound like virtues to us into criticisms (The Guardian). We’ll enjoy these songs on their merits, working through the tracklist during our morning 9am – 12 pm programme. Hope you enjoy them! Oh and the tracklist:

  1. Pretty Shining People
  2. Don’t Matter Now
  3. Get Away
  4. Shotgun
  5. Paradise
  6. All My Love
  7. Sugarcoat
  8. Hold My Girl
  9. Saviour (feat. First Aid Kit)
  10. Only a Human
  11. The Beautiful Dream


Just Added: Whole Damn Mess – Anywhere Without You

We’re a few months behind the times but we’ve just come across this great duo/band from Florida in the US (the single was released last December!). This is a great song – we look forward to exploring some other music from Whole Damn Mess’ (@wholedamnmess) debut album The Queen and the Outcast.

Read a great album about them and the album here. A beautiful story!

Buy the album on iTunes here.


Now Playing Highlight: David Gray – Be Mine

A single from 2003 this song from one of the best artists of the 1990s reached number 23 on the UK charts. David had to work to achieve success – his breakthrough album White Ladder was his fourth effort. The album this track was featured on, A New Day At Midnight entered the UK charts at number one and reached number six in New Zealand. Its been a couple of years since we’ve seen new music from Mr Gray – more please!