Now Playing Highlight: Duran Duran – Is There Something I Should Know

After the success of “Rio” Duran Duran re released their debut album Duran Duran in the US on this day in 1983. It included their new hit single “Is There Something I Should Know”. We’ll give this classic track a spin after 12. Hat tip to @rockthistwit. Listen on @tunein

Now Playing Highlight: Elvis Presley – All Shook Up

On this day in 1957 (yes that’s 61 years ago) Elvis Presley started an eight week run at No. 1 on the US singles chart with “All Shook Up”. This record went on to be the top seller of the year, with over 2 million copies sold. Listen shortly for this #classicgold track @tunein

Now Playing Highlight: U2 – One Tree Hill

30 years ago today this song was sitting on top of the Kiwi singles chart – and deservedly so. Bono wrote the song in memory of a Māori friend Greg Carroll who had been a roadie for the group. Such an incredible song – shivers down the spine stuff. We’ll play this just after 12. Listen ad-free to our great mix of music on @tunein

Classic Gold Track: The Rolling Stones – I’m a King Bee

Fifty four years ago the legendary Rolling Stones released their very first album. It is filled with the R&B beloved of the band, with one composition by Jaggers/Richard (Tell Me (You’re Coming Back)). Listen after 2 for a #classicgoldtrack, the Stones cover of “I’m A King Bee” in glorious mono! Listen on @tunein

Classic Gold: Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar

After 12 we’ll be playing the Rolling Stones track “Brown Sugar”, celebrating 47 years since its original single release on 16 April 1971. It reached the top 10 in most countries (no. 11 in New Zealand!) and is of course one of their signature tracks. Listen on @tunein

Classic Gold Track: Bob Marley & The Wailers – Stir It Up

#onthisday in 1973 Bob Marley & The Wailer’s fifth album, Catch A Fire was released. We’ll play “Stir It Up” as a #classicgoldtrack after 12. Listen on @tunein ad free through New Zealand


Now Playing Highlight: Darude – Sandstorm

This was a real club classic back in the day, and is pumping our speakers right now on the Saturday night party show. Listen on @tunein


Darude was a Finnish DJ and released this track back in 1999. There is a classic joke where this video was so commonly used as backing music for streaming coverage of video games etc that you could just give a standard response to the question of ‘whats that track’ with “Darude – Sandstorm”. In fact in 2015 on April Fool’s Day any search for a song on YouTube was greeted with the helpful prompt “Did you mean: Darude – Sandstorm by Darude” 🙂

Now Playing Highlight: David Gray – Be Mine

A single from 2003 this song from one of the best artists of the 1990s reached number 23 on the UK charts. David had to work to achieve success – his breakthrough album White Ladder was his fourth effort. The album this track was featured on, A New Day At Midnight entered the UK charts at number one and reached number six in New Zealand. Its been a couple of years since we’ve seen new music from Mr Gray – more please!

Now Playing Highlight: Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love

This song just can’t help getting your head nodding. Featured on Robert Palmer’s 1985 album Riptide the song was released as a single in 1986. An iconic 80s song it features distinctive lead guitar from Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor. It hit No. 1 in Australia and the US and peaked at No. 2 in the New Zealand chart, kept from the top spot by Sailing Away, the ‘supergroup’ song promoting our 1987 America’s Cup challenge. Addicted to Love has certainly stood the test of time!