New Music Friday – 16 February 2018

Another great set of tracks on the hour every hour from 9am this Friday on NZ Net Radio.

 LOVA – You Me and the Silence

ANOTHER fine example of ‘Scandipop’, LOVA is a Swedish singer/songwriter whose debut single has a great hook – enjoy!

 Marshmello/Anne-Marie – FRIENDS

Sounds like the perfect recipe – mix producer of the hour Marshmello with English singer Anne-Marie (hits like Rockabye, Do It Right) and it is – enjoy this foot tapper! Kat Bein of Billboard says  “The English singer delivers a bossy performance that would put any dog’s tail between its legs, while Marshmello plays clever on acoustic guitar over a bumpin’ electronic beat and even works in some G-Funk, West Coast synth work.”


 Andrew W.K. – Ever Again

Andrew is a motivational speaker and ‘party guru’, whatever that means. He produced an album for the Japanese market back in 2009 (Gundam Rock). This single presages a forthcoming album. Nice single – perhaps this will be the breakthrough for this US artist who has been performing since the 1990s. Andrew describes the song as:

“A fantasy in which I imagine what it would be like to actually know the meaning of life — an ecstatic nightmare in which I’ve returned from the brink of annihilation, having clawed the Ultimate Insight from out of its hiding spot, and am finally able to solve the riddle of existence while I cry out in triumphant elation. The desire to possess this total internalized clarity — not only knowing what life really means, but actually feeling the Truth from the inside out — is a mirage for the mind, but a reality for the heart.”


 Josie Dunn – Old School

Another new US singer-songwriter, Josie’s debut single “Old School” is a simple love song, based on the experience of seeing her parent’s love for each other. She told Digital Journal:

“They were born five days apart, and lived two blocks away from each other, and went to high school together, and got married after college. They had such a cool story, and I wanted my actual parents and my actual home to be in the video. That was such a fun experience,”

 The Teskey Brothers – Forever You &Me

Victorian (Australia) band The Teskey Brothers are described as “purveyors of smokey-voiced soul music”. We like this new single -hope you do too. They’re touring New Zealand in March – details here.

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