New Shows Coming!

We’re excited to announce two new shows coming to New Zealand Net Radio. Listen in @tunein at or on the web player.

100% 80s

Every weeknight from 8pm – 10pm New Zealand time we’ll be playing the hits from the 80s, along with a few deep cuts. This is a great chance to backtrack to fantastic New Wave, Synth Pop, singer-songwriter and alternative music of that great decade. The new show will start next week.

100% Americana

We’ve fallen in love with the authentic sound of what’s termed Americana. According to this feature Merriam-Webster defines Americana music as “a genre of American music having roots in early folk and country music.”. Encompassing folk, country and bluegrass we’ll kick back to this music each Friday night 8pm – 10pm, repeating on Sunday morning 8am – 10pm. Join us from tomorrow!

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