Spotlight Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Every weekday between 1 and 5pm we play tracks from our #spotlightartist. They’re an artist with a body of work which has stood the test of time. We’ll play the hits – but also some deep cuts. Listen ad-free through New Zealand via @tunein at

Fleetwood Mac are a massive group with a huge body of work. This week we’re going to focus in on a particular aspect – Stevie Nicks’ vocals with the group. Nicks joined the group in late 1974. After several personnel changes Mick Fleetwood had invited Lindsey Buckingham to join the group – he agreed on condition that his then girlfriend Stevie could as well. The rest as they say is history – the ensuing album Fleetwood Mac broke the band through to mainstream success and sold over 5 million copies. We’ll enjoy some of the big hits such as “Rhiannon” but also some great album tracks such as “Storms” and “That’s Alright” this week.

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