Spotlight Artist: J. Geils Band

Every weekday between 1 and 5pm we play tracks from our #spotlightartist. They’re an artist with a body of work which has stood the test of time. We’ll play the hits – but also some deep cuts. Listen ad-free through New Zealand via @tunein at

One of the biggest touring rock and roll bands in the US during the 1970s, you don’t really hear much from this band now, apart from their ubiquitous single “Centrefold”. Peter Wolf led a tough bar band who were hugely popular live but struggled to win in the singles chart. Often good songs like “Give It To Me” didn’t quite turn out to be as strong in the studio as they were live.

“Centrefold” changed all that, hitting no. 1 in the US singles charts in early 1982 and staying there for six weeks. Unfortunately tensions between Wolf and Seth Justman (the main songwriter) led to the band’s demise soon after. We’ll check out some of their lesser known tracks this week as well as big ones like “Love Stinks” (later featured in the film The Wedding Singer).

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