Spotlight Artist: John Mellencamp

Every weekday between 1 and 5pm we play tracks from our #spotlightartist. They’re an artist with a body of work which has stood the test of time. We’ll play the hits – but also some deep cuts. Listen ad-free through New Zealand via @tunein at

Born in 1951, John began performing in the mid 1970s, however his manager insisted he use the name Johnny Cougar, believing the German name Mellencamp was too hard to market. Following albums grew in popularity but his breakthrough came in 1982 with American Fool (featuring “Hurts so Good” and “Jack & Diane”), after which he was allowed to use his own name. Mellencamp’s brand of heartland rock went on to generate 22 Top 40 singles and 13 Grammy Award nominations.

We’ll enjoy some hits and deeper cuts from this legendary artist this week.

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