Album of the Week: Angus & Julia Stone – Cape Forestier

The Stones are back – the talented Australian sibling duo that is! With Fleetwood Mac vibes this is a rich and highly enjoyable mix of Fleetwood Mac-ish AOR. Quite retro sounding the songs are catchy and satisfying on their fifth album. Coming back together after several years of solo projects, Angus told Rolling Stone “There’s an authenticity to having that time away and discovering what it is you’re looking for when you write a song,” Angus reflects. “That “coming home” feeling is what this recording represents for us – heading back to the garage and recording in the living room. We want to bring people into that space, which is what the tour has been set up to be.”

AllMusic summed it up: “While not for cynics, Cape Forestier should well please longtime fans and romantics alike.”

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