Album of the Week: Sheryl Crow – Evolution

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Back after a planned retirement following her last album Threads Sheryl Crow is right on form with this sunny album. There are definite C’mon C’mon echos here in this collection crafted with an all star company including vocals from Peter Gabriel (what a combination!) and production from Mike Elizondo. AllMusic said it was “filled with sunny hooks, busy rhymes, and relaxed rhythms, Evolution is a good time whose cheerfulness camouflages its vaguely deeper undercurrents”.

Spotlight Artist: Sheryl Crow

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Sheryl Crow started out in the late 1980s singing jingles and supporting Michael Jackson on his “Bad” tour. After a scrapped album in 1992 she joined an ad hoc group of  musicians known to themselves as the “Tuesday Music Club”.

Sheryl Crow in 2008

Her first album to be released, Tuesday Night Music Club gradually drew attention, with “All I Wanna Do” becoming an unexpected smash hit in 1994. Other great singles like “Strong Enough” and “Can’t Cry Anymore” led the album to sell 7 million copies, and resulted in her winning several Grammy Awards. Follow up albums Sheryl Crow and The Globe Sessions were huge hits. She also began acting. Although her music since hasn’t been as commercially successful as her 1990s work, she has a great songbook. We look forward to checking out many of her essential tracks this week.