Album of the Week: O’Jays – Back Stabbers

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Although we usually highlight new albums in the Album of the Week slot, this year we head back 50 years to the release of the O’Jays breakthrough album. The group had been around since the late 1950s, but it was Back Stabbers that took them to the big time, particularly with the single “Love Train” which was their biggest and best known hit. This album belongs in any serious soul collection and has been described as “the Pinnacle of Philly soul”.

Spotlight Artist: The O’Jays

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The O’Jays are releasing what they say will be their last album (appropriately titled The Last Word) in April, after a break of 15 years. This seems like an opportune moment to celebrate the music of these major artists of the 1970s. Their biggest hit was “Love Train” in 1973 but they were actually formed back in 1958, and had their first chart appearance in 1963. Their big breakthrough was when they began working with producers and songwriters Gamble & Huff on 1972’s album Back Stabbers. The hits kept flowing through the 1970s – traks such as “Put Your Hands Together”, “For The Love of Money” and “I Love Music”. We’ll enjoy these and more through the week in our Spotlight Artist slot.