Album of the Week: Kimbra – Primal Heart

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This is Kiwi singer Kimbra’s third album (she’s from Hamilton), following on from 2014’s The Golden Echo. We’ve been playing several tracks over the past couple of months, and the album as a whole lives up to the expectations set by those tracks. This is a great collection of melodic pop but with an edge and inventiveness that take it beyond the ordinary. The critics have been complementary:

Primal Heart takes listeners on a smoother journey than The Golden Echo‘s wild ride, and if some of these tracks are a little more straightforward, they’re also great showcases for Kimbra‘s soul-baring. Her writing feels more personal than ever as she tackles getting older, wiser, and stronger on songs that range from “Lightyears”‘ soaring exuberance to the defiance of “Everybody Knows.” The album’s ballads are some of Kimbra‘s most compelling yet

The tracklist:

  1. The Good War
  2. Top of the World
  3. Everybody Knows
  4. Like They Do On the TV
  5. Recovery
  6. Human
  7. Lightyears
  8. Black Sky
  9. Past Love
  10. Right Direction
  11. Version of Me
  12. Real Life

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