Spotlight Artist: Aretha Franklin

Every weekday between 1 and 5pm we play tracks from our #spotlightartist. They’re an artist with a body of work which has stood the test of time. We’ll play the hits – but also some deep cuts. Listen ad-free through New Zealand via @tunein at

On this premier week, our first Spotlight Artist is The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. There wouldn’t be more artists of the past century who have been as prolific, and as successful. It is extraordinary to think thata seminal album like I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You from way back in 1967 was actually her eleventh. The daughter of an itinerant preacher father, she got her first major label recording contract in 1960, but it wasn’t until 1967 when she joined Atlantic Records that she achieved major success. It has’t really stopped since. She has sung for Presidents, and the 76 year old is true showbiz gold. We look forward to exploring some of her fantastic body of music this week.

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