Album of the Week: The Strokes – The New Abnormal

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Some of the critics have been a bit equivocal about this album. Jon Pareles in the New York Times said “It’s not the early, edgy Strokes, but what they’ve grown up into. Maybe the Strokes won’t make new friends with this album, but old friends can get closer.”

We think this a strong hooky rock album, especially the first half, and look forward to checking it out in full over the week. The track listing:

  1. The Adults Are Talking
  2. Selfless
  3. Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus
  4. Bad Decisions
  5. Eternal Summer
  6. At The Door
  7. Why Are Sundays So Depressing
  8. Not The Same Anymore
  9. Ode To The Mets

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