New Music Friday – 2nd March 2018

Well howdy folks! Its Friday so time to spin some new tunes. Here’s our selection for this week, playing on the hour each hour from 9am.

 Frenship – LOVE Somebody

Frenship are a US duo who met in a sports shop. They hit the charts for the first time in 2016 for a single called Capsize. They dropped this single earlier this month prior to heading off on tour. A nice unpretentious love song, this new music is designed to take them from from one hit wonder to greater things. We think this track is a step up, and a step in the right direction.


Sarah Blasko – Everybody Wants to Sin




Sarah’s new album Depth of Field has the critics raving, and rightly so. It is filled with delicate and sophisticated songs, and we’re already playing a couple. This one premiers for us this morning and strikes a different tone on the album, something to dance to. The Guardian described it as “Goldfrapp without the high heels”.


Twin Shadows – Saturdays Ft. Haim




Twin Shadows have been quiet for three years (perhaps related to a tour bus accident in 2015) but this single presages a new album Caer in April. Haim seem to be the golden touch at the moment, certainly on this nice track.



Greta Van Fleet – Highway Tune




This isn’t really a new release – Highway Tune was first released early in 2017 but was re-released on this EP along with other three songs from early 2017, and four new ones. Elton John has described Greta Van Fleet as his favourite new band. Amidst all the angst about the decline of rock, these guys are showing that dynamic new rock music isn’t dead. Of course its everywhere if you are willing to look!

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats- Coolin’ Out (feat. Lucius)

This track should put a smile on your face. We’re loving the honest rootsy sounds from artists like Chris Stapleton, Anderson East and Glen Hansard. It’s a bit like the savory to complement all that sweet pop! Of course the lead singer having a majestic beard also helps! The Night Sweat’s new album is shaping up to be another great listen.

New Music Friday – 23rd February 2018

Have we got a great New Music Friday for you! Five great tracks on the hour every hour from 9am Friday, getting their first spin on New Zealand Net Radio.

Rozzi – Uphill Battle

At the age of 19 Rozzi Crane was discovered by Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5) and began touring with that band. She recently announced she’ll be releasing an album this year, and kicked off the process by releasing this single a few weeks ago. What a great voice! She told Billboard:

“We’re all complicated and complex in different ways and we all do and say things that challenge our partners,” Rozzi said. “It’s easy to feel disappointed or frustrated with yourself after an argument & for me that often led to feeling like I was too much, like an uphill battle. This song is saying, I know I’m am a lot to handle, but I’m okay with it, it’s who I am and it’s who we all are.”

 Ryan Adams – Baby I Love You

Mr Adams began his solo career back in 2000, and made a splash with his song for song cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989 a few years ago. He released this new song for Valentines Day, positive and joyful, a pleasant number.

 Lauv – Getting Over You

Another Valentines Day release, however with a slightly less positive angle than Ryan Adams

But the truth is
I could spend my whole life getting over you

 Moonga K. – Let Go

OK we’re a bit behind the 8 ball with this track – it came out last September but has just garnered more interest with the release of it’s album, Wild Solace. Moonga K. Kapambwe is a 22 year old musician from Botswana who performed in the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School in high school, and his musical career has grown from there. Great production and full of energy.

 October – 1000 Eyes

Auckland based electronic artist October has released this follow on to All She Does Is Stare from last year. We’ll be playing this track a lot more.


New Music Friday – 16 February 2018

Another great set of tracks on the hour every hour from 9am this Friday on NZ Net Radio.

 LOVA – You Me and the Silence

ANOTHER fine example of ‘Scandipop’, LOVA is a Swedish singer/songwriter whose debut single has a great hook – enjoy!

 Marshmello/Anne-Marie – FRIENDS

Sounds like the perfect recipe – mix producer of the hour Marshmello with English singer Anne-Marie (hits like Rockabye, Do It Right) and it is – enjoy this foot tapper! Kat Bein of Billboard says  “The English singer delivers a bossy performance that would put any dog’s tail between its legs, while Marshmello plays clever on acoustic guitar over a bumpin’ electronic beat and even works in some G-Funk, West Coast synth work.”


 Andrew W.K. – Ever Again

Andrew is a motivational speaker and ‘party guru’, whatever that means. He produced an album for the Japanese market back in 2009 (Gundam Rock). This single presages a forthcoming album. Nice single – perhaps this will be the breakthrough for this US artist who has been performing since the 1990s. Andrew describes the song as:

“A fantasy in which I imagine what it would be like to actually know the meaning of life — an ecstatic nightmare in which I’ve returned from the brink of annihilation, having clawed the Ultimate Insight from out of its hiding spot, and am finally able to solve the riddle of existence while I cry out in triumphant elation. The desire to possess this total internalized clarity — not only knowing what life really means, but actually feeling the Truth from the inside out — is a mirage for the mind, but a reality for the heart.”


 Josie Dunn – Old School

Another new US singer-songwriter, Josie’s debut single “Old School” is a simple love song, based on the experience of seeing her parent’s love for each other. She told Digital Journal:

“They were born five days apart, and lived two blocks away from each other, and went to high school together, and got married after college. They had such a cool story, and I wanted my actual parents and my actual home to be in the video. That was such a fun experience,”

 The Teskey Brothers – Forever You &Me

Victorian (Australia) band The Teskey Brothers are described as “purveyors of smokey-voiced soul music”. We like this new single -hope you do too. They’re touring New Zealand in March – details here.

Bekon for You

See what we did there? 🙂
Bekon was a pretty mysterious character who produced a load of tracks on Kendrick Lamar’s much vaunted album DAMN – see this article for details.

Anyway he has quietly released a new album called GET WITH THE TIMES. Watch out for 17, one of the tracks which we’ll be spinning over the next week. You (probably) heard it here first!

Justin’s New Music Video

Justin Timberlake is busy touting his new album Man From The Woods. We’re enjoying it, although some critics seem disappointed he didn’t follow through with a ‘rootsy’ album, or alternatively criticise him because he didn’t produce something like he did 10 years ago! Oh well, you can’t please everyone! The video for his new single Say Something is certainly something to behold though …


New Music Friday is Here!

We have five brand spanking new tracks which we’ll be playing through the day at the top of the hour, from 9am. They are:

  Angie McMahon – Slow Mover

Angie is a singer-songwriter from Melbourne and this is her first single.

“‘Slow Mover’ is a song about putting energy into things that are worthwhile, and taking plenty of time to get to a good place. I’d spent a lot of time pining after love, but at this point my head was shifting, and what I actually wanted and needed was to pursue my music career.” – Angie McMahon in an interview with Forte magazine.

 Sasha Sloan – Normal

Sasha has sung with Kygo and co-written songs with pop heavy-hitters Charlie XCX and Camila Cabello.

“I wrote ‘Normal’ at a time when I was partying a lot. I don’t think I realized it at the time, but I was avoiding all the real problems in my life by going out and pretending to be someone else,” Sloan tells Billboard. “I did this a lot in high school too — most of my life I’ve felt like an outsider so I would go to parties to feel like I fit in. There isn’t a single lyric in this song that isn’t true. I’ve definitely sang along to songs I hated and made out with guys I wasn’t really into just to seem cool. Normal is about wanting to blend into the crowd for a night and I hope someone out there can relate.”

 Rae Morris – Atletico (The Only One)

Rae Morris is a British singer-songwriter. Atletico was released as a single in November 2017 in advance of her new (second) album, just out.

While premiering the song on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, Morris explained that it was recorded on May 28, 2016 in a studio in Beachwood Canyon. During the session, Fryars, the producer and co-writer of the track – and Rae’s current partner – was watching the Atletico vs. Real Madrid Champions League football match. Therefore, the name Atletico seeped into the session and the song was created around it. She further explained that the song itself was about “going on a night out and not doing yourself justice” by “meeting people and saying hi” and “being full of energy and dancing around the room”.

 Avid Dancer – Little Bird

Jacob Dillan Summers (aka Avid Dancer) provides a great new pop number with a really ‘Beatlesque’ feel (although it was featured in The Sims 4 – Parenthood last year). As he told

“I wrote this song after a series of tours: Reflecting on how many people I had met along the way,” Summer says. “Maybe we had a short and honest connection for just a moment. Maybe it was a person I bought a coffee from and shared a genuine, ‘I-could-know-you’ smile. Then, you know — off to the next place. All the people I’d see, like birds in the park: They just fly away to live their lives. To where? Who knows? Not even them.”

And last but not least …

 Peking Duk – Wasted

The Australian electronic duo have come up with another catchy number, seemingly about drunken love! They premiered the song at The Falls festival last week.

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Gidday, kia ora! We hope you enjoy our great selection of music.

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