Album of the Week: CHVRCHES – Screen Violence

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We really enjoy CHVRCHES synth driven music. This album follows an interesting theme of screen violence, both of the ‘movie’ as well as more personal social media variety. The Guardian has a great write-up on this “big icy romp” here. We’ll look forward to checking it out this week.

Tracks of the Year

Whew, we made it through. As mentioned earlier it was devilishly hard choosing these Top 40 tracks of the year. We tried to pick ones that have had longevity and that we think will stick around for years to come. We limited ourselves generally to one track per artist – many of these had more than one deserving song. Here is the playlist – from 40 down to Maroon 5 at No. 1.

Album of the Week: ChVrches – Love Is Dead

New Zealand Net Radio plays a song from our #albumoftheweek every hour from 9am to 12pm Monday to Friday. Listen in @tunein at

We’ve been looking forward to this album from this Glaswegian band for months since their promising early singles “Miracle” and “My Enemy” were released. Lauren Mayberry’s vocals are incredible, and the band’s synth pop sound continues to evolve. The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart gave some early inspiration. An interesting influence mentioned in an interview with Matt Waterman of Beats 1 was New Order’s track “Age of Consent”, with its loose, rough feel. They certainly have achieved a raw live feel with this great album. Can’t wait to play it to you!

The tracklist:

  1. Graffiti
  2. Get Out
  3. Deliverance
  4. My Enemy (feat. Matt Berninger)
  5. Forever
  6. Never Say Die
  7. Miracle
  8. Graves
  9. Heaven/Hell
  10. God’s Plan
  11. Really Gone
  12. ii
  13. Wonderland


Just Added: ChVrches – My Enemy

Scottish band CHVRCHES (@CHVRCHESare building up to what should be a great album. We’re already enjoying Get Out which is a fantastic track. Yesterday they premiered My Enemy, a collaboration with Matt Berninger from The National – we’re already confident its going to be another favourite. Look out for this one in regular rotation!