Tracks of the Year

Whew, we made it through. As mentioned earlier it was devilishly hard choosing these Top 40 tracks of the year. We tried to pick ones that have had longevity and that we think will stick around for years to come. We limited ourselves generally to one track per artist – many of these had more than one deserving song. Here is the playlist – from 40 down to Maroon 5 at No. 1.

Tracks Of The Year

Normally on Friday morning New Zealand Net Radio plays fresh tracks we’ve noted – New Music Friday. This week however something different. Our top 40 tracks of 2018. After hours of gruelling work, we had it down to 130! Getting it to 40 required extraordinary grit. No doubt about it, unless you’ve been under a rock, 2018 has been a great year for music. Listen in @tunein at as we count down our Top 40 tracks of 2018.